: Yeehaw! Top 10 Western Style Vacation Areas in the Southwest United States

Are you itching to saddle up and experience the Old West? Look no further than the Southwest United States, where there’s no shortage of cowboy culture and western history to immerse yourself in. From the towering saguaro cacti of Arizona to the rolling plains of Texas, these destinations are sure to satisfy your inner cowboy (or cowgirl). So grab your boots and Stetson hat, and let’s hit the trail to the top 10 western style vacation areas in the Southwest!

  1. Tombstone, Arizona – Home of the famous O.K. Corral gunfight, Tombstone is a must-visit destination for western history buffs. Walk the streets where Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp once roamed, then catch a live reenactment of the infamous gunfight.
  2. Bandera, Texas – Known as the “Cowboy Capital of the World,” Bandera offers an authentic taste of Texas cowboy culture. Go horseback riding, catch a rodeo, and enjoy some good old-fashioned Texas BBQ.
  3. Santa Fe, New Mexico – While not as overtly western as some other destinations on this list, Santa Fe still has plenty of cowboy charm to offer. Stroll through the historic downtown area, visit the Museum of the American West, and take a scenic drive through the surrounding desert landscape.
  4. Cody, Wyoming – Home of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody is a treasure trove of western history and art. Learn about the legends of the Old West, visit the historic Irma Hotel, and take in a rodeo.
  5. Durango, Colorado – Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Durango is a beautiful destination with plenty of western flair. Take a ride on the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, go whitewater rafting, and explore the nearby Mesa Verde National Park.
  6. Deadwood, South Dakota – Once a lawless frontier town, Deadwood is now a popular tourist destination with plenty of western history to explore. Visit the graves of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, then try your luck at the town’s many casinos.
  7. Sedona, Arizona – Besides its stunning red rock formations, Sedona also has a rich cowboy history to discover. Go on a jeep tour through the nearby red rock canyons, explore the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, and catch a gunfight reenactment.
  8. San Antonio, Texas – While perhaps best known for its historic Alamo mission, San Antonio also has plenty of western charm. Visit the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum, take a riverboat ride along the San Antonio River Walk, and indulge in some Tex-Mex cuisine.
  9. Moab, Utah – Located in the heart of the Utah desert, Moab offers plenty of opportunities for adventure in a stunning western landscape. Go mountain biking, explore Canyonlands National Park, and take a rafting trip down the Colorado River.
  10. Amarillo, Texas – Home to the legendary Cadillac Ranch art installation, Amarillo is a quirky destination with plenty of western appeal. Visit the iconic Big Texan Steak Ranch, take a tour of the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame, and catch a rodeo at the Tri-State Fairgrounds.

Whether you’re a diehard cowboy fanatic or just looking for a fun and unique travel experience, the Southwest United States has something for everyone. From historical landmarks to outdoor adventures to mouthwatering cuisine, these top western style vacation areas are sure to leave you saying “yeehaw!”

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